About the Service

Online Reputation Management is the practice of making people and businesses look their best on the internet.

Companies need to control their online presence because references frequently contain inaccurate, misleading or outdated material which can adversely influence how your customers will view you!

Why is it important?

There are 2 main reasons:

1. You can develop and maintain your business reputation

Recent statistics show that 80% of all consumers will research a business online prior to giving that company their patronage.

2.Your internet visibility can be substantially improved.

Most consumers looking for a specific business don’t make it past the first page of the search engine results.         Following the recent Google update to the “Snack Pack”,  It is now even more important to have up to date information and reviews to remain in one of the 3 key positions.

Customers like to feel as though they are purchasing products and services from a trustworthy source and online Reputation Management can help you maintain the consistency needed to convey this type of image.

Let our team of experienced professionals build you a creative, beautifully designed professional Review Process using the innovative Social Igniter System.

Here is an example of a Review Video that can easily be added to your website.


More details can be found at Opal Members.

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